Common Problems with Stucco Siding

January 11, 2021

How stucco gets damaged

Stucco has been applied to home structures for centuries. Over time, however, stucco siding has lost its popularity due to improvements made to other forms of siding.

Stucco failure can lead to a host of costly home repairs. If you’re looking for that final jolt of motivation for stucco removal, consider what Keystone Siding & Windows has found to be the most common problems with stucco siding.

Water Leaks in the Siding

Have you found numerous leaks in your home that are unrelated to plumbing issues? If you have stucco siding, you’re more likely to find leaks around your home. Water leaks are significant inconveniences, and they’re quite common when stucco starts failing. Upgrade your siding so that your other home exterior investments can be worthwhile.

Improper Sealing with Other Siding

One of the commons problems with stucco siding occurs during its application on the home. When stucco siding is installed, it’s crucial that it be properly sealed with dissimilar construction materials. This step often goes overlooked, leading to an unsatisfactory home exterior.

Missing or Aged Caulking

The trim of your home is an excellent determinant of whether there are issues with your stucco siding. Assess the trim of your home’s windows and doors to ensure the surrounding caulking is intact. The entire perimeter of the doors and windows should still be in place. Cracked, shrunken, and missing caulking are major causes of water leaking and drafts. Adjust your home’s siding to avoid investing in numerous repairs.

Cracking and Discoloration

Fortunately, there are some blatant signs your stucco siding is failing. Cracking and discoloration are telltale signs of declining stucco. If you notice cracking or discoloration in your home, don’t let the problem worsen. Stains, cracks, bulges, or missing stucco indicate your home is due for an exterior makeover.

Rotting Near Exterior Fixtures

Especially as stucco siding ages, you may notice substantial rotting near important exterior fixtures. It’s vital to identify rotting early on to prevent exacerbating your home’s condition. Excessive rotting in homes with stucco exterior is the result of air and water infiltration.

For premier stucco siding removal, refer to Keystone Siding & Windows. Our services prioritize safety and homeowners’ exterior goals. Contact us today to get set up with a design consultation to see which removal and replacement process will work best for your home.