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Window and Siding Replacement in Marietta, GA

Siding Replacement in Marietta Georgia

Siding Replacement Service

We also offer siding replacement in Marietta, GA, with Nichiha and HardiePlank® siding. HardiePlank®, made by James Hardie, is one of the most long-standing names in the siding industry, and we’re proud to offer their products. Nichiha offers similar solutions, and both companies are cutting-edge leaders in fiber cement siding. Similar to PVC for windows, fiber cement offers moisture protection and functional capacity with the design flexibility of wood and traditional materials.  

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Window Replacement in Marietta Georgia

Window Replacement Service

Are your home’s windows struggling to offer the same insulation and daylight sparkle they used to? Keystone Siding & Windows offers high-quality window replacements in Marietta, GA, in many styles. We specialize in the installation of PVC windows as well, which offer the timeless visual characteristics of wood without any of the material drawbacks.

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Stucco Removal in Marietta Georgia

The National Association of Home Builders warns that even properly installed synthetic stucco can develop wood rot-causing moisture intrusion problems. The building materials manufacturer, USG, has put together a website warning homeowners about the dangers of this synthetic stucco which was widely used in the 1980’s and 90’s around the US. The entire problem with synthetic stucco relates to how it’s applied to a home.

Keystone offers a solution to prevent the need for stucco and rot removal.

Rigid insulation board is glued firmly to the home’s frame or sheathing.

Insulation board is then covered with fiberglass mesh and two layers of the hard synthetic finish.

The finished product doesn’t allow for water to escape from behind the stucco, it remains inside and is the beginning of wood rot.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) urges homeowners to have their homes checked at least yearly by a professional experienced in water intrusion inspections. They further urge homeowners to immediately take action on any needed repairs. Delays can cause minor problems to escalate into major nightmares that can cost tens of thousands of dollars in wood rot to remedy.

NAHB suggests that many homeowners have their house re-sided, Keystone Siding & Windows in Marietta recommends HardiePlank’s full line of products as your best option available to achieve the look and style you desire for your home. James Hardie is available with a 30-year warranty.

Gutters Installation in Marietta Georgia

Keystone Gutter Solution

Specializing in 6” seamless, aluminum gutters available in over 30 colors, combined with 3” x 4” downspouts. Installed using an internal hanger system, gutter covers are also an available option.

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Exterior Painting in Alpharetta Georgia

Fiber Cement Siding

Loxon Concrete and Masonry Primer

Perfect for sealing and conditioning porous fiber cement siding. It tolerates the high pH common in new masonry and ensures a uniform look and long-lasting finish.

Sherwin Williams SuperPaint

Sherwin Williams delivers outstanding performance and protection for against the elements for your home in Alpharetta. Cold and frosty or hot and humid, this formula goes on smooth and resists fading and peeling, with outstanding adhesion and color retention. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint offers a dirt-resistant and mildew-resistant coating.

Brick Painting

Loxon XP

This direct-to-concrete and masonry high-build coating offers maximum performance in one less coat compared to conventional and there is no need for priming. Ultimate protection for masonry in your Alpharetta home, exceptional flexibility, durability and fade resistance.

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