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How to Choose the Right Windows or Siding for Your House

Have you seen your energy bill grow unexpectedly over the last few months? Does your house feel colder—or warmer—than it used to on a regular basis? These are common signals that your home may be due for exterior renovations. We’ve compiled five tips on how to choose the right windows and siding for your house to assist your replacement decision-making. Read below to understand what goes into top-quality exterior home materials.

Think Long-Term

The vast majority, if not all, concerns surrounding how to select appropriate siding and window material are resolved by thinking long-term. While it may be tempting to go for a cheaper material simply to get the job done, this may lead to expensive upkeep down the road, which simply creates more expenses. Focusing on a product with plenty of durability gets the job done in the present and holds up against daily wear and harsher weather for years to come.  

Evaluate U-Values and R-Values

These two measurements are used to classify various window-making materials against each other for easier evaluation purposes. The U-value of a product signifies its capacity for heat transfer, whereas the R-value of a product signifies its capacity for heat resistance. Both values are useful in determining what kind of window material will work best for your particular needs.  

Aesthetic Appeal

It’s absolutely worthwhile to select windows and siding that you appreciate the appearance of because after all, you’ll be looking at it multiple times per day. We carry seven high-quality siding materials that come in authentic, fresh colors for any taste.  

Glass Variations

Understanding how to choose the right windows for your house in Greater Atlanta, GA, includes selecting window glass variations based on your needs. Replacement windows usually come in double or triple-pane options, both of which provide additional insulation and protection against outside sound. Depending on the benefits you’re looking for as a homeowner, we’re happy to offer product-specific insights to help you select windows that take your daily living experience to new heights.  


Many times, knowing how to choose siding for your home comes down to balancing usefulness with how you want your house to look. For example, if you live near a forest or spend a lot of time outside, there’s a good chance you see wildlife frequently. Birds, insects, or pests are likelier to burrow into a wood-based siding, especially if it’s thick, but they won’t attempt this with fiber cement or vinyl siding.  

We hope this post helped you clarify how to choose the right windows and siding for your house in Greater Atlanta, GA. When you’re ready to move forward with new siding and windows, check out our services for more information. We look forward to restoring or enhancing your home!

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