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Stucco has been used for centuries to provide insulation and protection for homes. The addition of concrete to traditional sand and water mixtures made it more popular among modern homeowners, but it’s still not without its shortcomings. Stucco can chip over time, and it’s less moisture-resistant than other materials, which is crucial for safeguarding your home’s integrity. If you’ve decided to overhaul your residential siding, our home stucco removal and replacement services in Greater Atlanta, GA, can help. Read below for details on this undertaking.  

Creating Safe Surroundings

The first step to our home stucco removal and replacement services in Greater Atlanta, GA, is to set up safe surroundings. Stucco is a heavy and coarse material and can easily damage people or property if not carefully monitored. Since it’s made out of concrete, sand, and water, this makes it hazardous even after being removed from the residential siding. Our teams utilize drop cloths, dumpsters, and other safety equipment to efficiently, safely, and quickly remove all worksite waste. This also ensures there are no fragments of stucco in your (or your neighbor’s) yard, which is a liability and health risk.  

Removal of Smaller Pieces

After safety equipment is in place, the second step is removing as many smaller pieces as we can. We chisel at any smaller cracks and pieces that have already broken down or can easily be removed without larger equipment. This gradual approach toward removing large blocks of stucco doesn’t damage your home, maintains safe working conditions, and paves the way for the successful installation of new siding afterward.  

Larger Cuts and Blows

The third phase of our home stucco removal and replacement services in Greater Atlanta, GA, is removing the large stucco chunks. Stucco removal is a labor-intensive process requiring careful observation from start to finish, and Keystone Siding & Windows’ professionals are well-accustomed to these rigors. We work methodically to preserve your house wrap and sheathing, which are important components of protection.  

Home Siding Improvements

After all the above steps are complete, your house is ready for new and improved siding. The aesthetic appeal you desire for your home will help determine your new siding material. Keystone Siding & Windows offers professional siding replacement with top-notch materials to give your home renewed protection and maximally functional insulation. We offer seven different kinds of home siding materials, giving you flexibility in appearance without compromise in purpose.  

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