Siding Replacement

Kennesaw Nichiha Siding and Rot Repair

About This Project

We were contracted to repair an incorrect partial siding installation and complete the remainder of the house. Along the way the professional crews identified and repaired hidden rot to bring a peace of mind to the homeowner. New gutters and downspouts completed the update!

Project Details

  • Project Type:

    Siding Replacement

  • Completion Date:

    July 2021

  • Location:

    Kennesaw, GA

Before Images

After Images

Before Images

Kennesaw house front rotten siding
Kennesaw house improper siding installation
Kennesaw house back rotten siding
Kennesaw house back and deck rotten siding
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Kennesaw house front Nichiha siding
Kennesaw house blue corner Nichiha siding
Kennesaw house back Nichiha siding
Kennesaw house back and deck Nichiha siding
Kennesaw house back and deck Nichiha siding
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What people are saying

Client Testimonials

"If you have a big job ahead of you, please be sure to include Cash and Keystone in the selection process. You won't be disappointed! They exceeded our expectations!"

Al G.


"The management team kept us informed of progress and visited the sight daily to verify the project progress. We are completely satisfied with the outcome of our job and recommend them without any reservations!"

Ralph M.


"Keystone did an impeccable job replacing siding, trim and doors at my home. They were on time, professional, and very detail-oriented."

Stacey C.