Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Window Company

October 13, 2019

Find the right contractor to replace your windows

Replacement windows are an important investment to both the exterior look and functionality of a home. Not only can new windows eliminate damage and improve energy efficiency, they can also greatly enhance the overall appearance of your home. A window replacement project is successful when it provides solutions for all your window needs.

At Keystone Siding and Windows, we understand that shopping for windows, as well as an experienced company to install them, is no simple task. Faced with many choices, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Here are some important tips to consider when choosing a window replacement company.

Window Value

While cost is an important consideration, the overall value you receive from a high-quality product and an exceptional installation experience can turn a daunting home improvement project into a breeze.

Keystone Siding and Windows is proud to be a preferred dealer for Precision Millworks cellular PVC windows. This not only means we have many years of experience, but it also allows us to offer the best pricing for this product.


Quality replacement windows can last for up to thirty years or more. Our cellular PVC windows offer the highest quality materials and provide excellent energy efficiency for the whole window, not just the glass. These windows also provide an architectural look of true wood that can be painted a color of your choice.

Energy Efficiency

Replacing older, single-pane windows with cellular PVC can reduce the solar heat that penetrates your home and fades your carpet and furniture, while also preventing the heat from escaping during the colder winter months. Lower energy usage not only saves you money, it can also reduce your environmental footprint.

Customer Service

Customer service is key to any business and the company you choose should provide you with professional service throughout the entire window replacement process. Keystone Siding and Windows is a knowledgeable company that prides itself on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. Our goal is to provide excellence in all our window replacements in Greater Atlanta, no matter how big or small.