Ways To Update Your Home's Exterior

Create a home you're proud of

What do people think about when they first step up to your front door? Not how your house looks on the inside but how it appears on the outside. Therefore, first impressions are everything.

If you really want your guests to feel giddy about your welcoming indoors, then you’ll need to take the time to spruce up what everybody sees outdoors. We’re sharing a few simple ways to update your home’s exterior.

Reevaluate Your Roof

Let’s start from the top—literally. Even though you may think people passing by won’t notice your roof’s imperfections, you’d be surprised. So if you know you have an old roof, don’t put off repairs until it’s too late. Instead, fix leaks and replace shingles as soon as you can. And while you’re making changes, now is the perfect opportunity to determine a more appealing shingle color for your roof. Opt for a shade that’ll really influence your home’s overall look.

Plan for a Porch

Does it look like something is missing from the front of your house? What’s more inviting than a dedicated place for outdoor seating? Now’s the time to complete your dream entryway—after all, a porch will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Construct your porch from quality materials, and you’ll have a beautiful structure that’ll last for years to come.

Look at New Lights

If you want to illuminate your home beautifully, especially at night, make sure you buy lights that perfectly complement your house’s exterior. First, consider upgrading your current hanging or wall fixtures. A quick lighting swap will speak to your home’s unique architecture. Remember to invest in solar powered garden lights, too—these effortlessly contribute to a welcoming front yard.

Prioritize a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you’re still uncertain about where you should start, consider your house’s paint. A fresh coat is the simplest way to update your home’s exterior, yet many homeowners overlook this task. If it seems your house could use a pop of color, branch out and go bold. And even if you decide to paint your house the same color, you’ll notice that the extra coat makes a world of difference. Don’t forget to paint your front door as well! Find out more about our home exterior painting services.

Step Up Your Siding

Siding not only affects your energy costs, but it also impacts your home’s external appearance. Thus, be sure to replace damaged siding. Don’t have the skills or time to do the job yourself? Reach out to Keystone Siding & Windows if you need assistance; our team specializes in exterior renovations in Greater Atlanta. Give our experts a call today.