Ways To Make Your Home's Wood Siding Last Longer

Get more out of your wood siding

When it comes to siding, wood siding hasn’t proven to be the most durable. Still, it’s a favorable siding option for its natural and charming appearance.

Wood panels, though revered for their looks, can’t face harsh external elements for long. Without proper maintenance, this exterior type can quickly rot and wear in response to adverse conditions.

If you’re a wood siding fan, consider Keystone’s top ways to make your home’s wood siding last longer.

Get Picky With the Type of Wood

Before you select a kind of wood solely for its lavish appearance, consider its structural integrity. Many wood types are highly susceptible to rotting and decay. It’s best to select a wood such as Nordic whitewood, redwood, cypress, or western cedar, which offer a greater lifespan than other woods when faced with external factors.

Waterproof Your Siding

One of the gnarliest downfalls of wood siding that homeowners deal with is rotted, moldy, or warped wood. Fortunately, you can equip your exterior with a waterproof coating to avoid costly exterior repairs.

Enhance UV Protection

The best ways to make your home’s wood siding last longer rely heavily on protecting it against external conditions. The sun, though we all appreciate its natural light, is an abrasive element toward the home’s exterior.

The sun’s UV rays can tarnish wood over time and cause its color to go dull. Find a topcoat paint that is UV resistant. Give your wood siding a coat or two to help retain its appearance and performance.

Keep Your Siding Lifted

Wherever possible, avoid installing wood panels all the way to the ground. Wood siding that’s constantly in contact with soil will experience premature aging. Soil accumulates moisture and contaminants from precipitation and runoff.

Wood siding should be at least eight inches above the ground. Avoid planting shrubbery too close to your siding, as vegetation and its moisture may spoil your wood and its varnish.

If your wood siding is on its last leg, it’s probably time to consider a replacement. Keystone Siding & Windows offers premier siding replacement in Alpharetta, GA, in addition to other home renovation services. We have a plethora of siding options to choose from, so you can achieve a natural exterior look without compromising siding durability.