The Different Types of Siding Options

Find the right siding for your home

So, you’re ready to update your home’s siding. The question may rise: which type of siding will best suit your home? Each of the different types of siding options has its pros and cons, and each of these is important to consider when you’re selecting siding to upgrade your house’s exterior.

To help you make a well-informed decision when you’re speaking with a quality home exterior contractor in Greater Atlanta, Keystone Siding & Windows looks into what makes these main types of siding the most popular.


Perhaps the most popular type of home siding, vinyl is widely used because of its low maintenance and low cost. Sliding strips are interlocked with a zip tool to create vinyl siding, making this type of siding fairly flexible.


  • Vinyl typically fares cheaper than other types of siding.
  • You can acquire a warranty, which allows you to get the most use out of your new siding.
  • You can purchase vinyl siding in many different colors and textures to accommodate the aesthetic of your home’s current exterior.
  • Vinyl is low-maintenance and it never needs painting, as the color stays true throughout the material.


  • This type of siding is susceptible to extreme weather.
  • If installed improperly, the siding can collapse or warp.
  • If your vinyl siding happens to crack or become damaged, it will need to undergo replacement. This is an issue of inconvenience rather than cost, as nearly all vinyl siding comes with warranty.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding is a mixture of sand, wood, and cement. It gives the appearance of natural wood, but it’s more durable.


  • It’s eco-friendly, as it’s made of recycled materials.
  • It achieves the natural wood grain appearance but offers much more durability than wood siding.
  • This siding comes primed or prefinished.
  • It’s very low-maintenance and not very susceptible to damage or rotting.


  • Fiber cement siding usually ranges higher in price.
  • Color isn’t present throughout the material, so it will need to get touched up if it becomes chipped.


The most common forms of metal siding are aluminum and steel. Metal siding emerged from a desire to minimize the need for high-maintenance wood siding. The cost of metal siding is considered moderate, though it can fluctuate based on market conditions.


  • Similar to vinyl, metal can come in a broad variety of styles.
  • Metal siding consists of very low-maintenance materials.


  • Metal siding is often finished with paint, which tends to fade and bleed onto surrounding brick.
  • Metal is prone to denting.

Keeping the perks and flaws of the different types of siding options in mind will ensure you make the best call when you’re updating your home’s exterior. In addition to selecting the right siding type, it’s important to choose a quality provider.

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