Reasons To Replace Your Home's Siding

Why it might be the right time to renew your siding

Siding is one of the first things people notice about a home’s exterior. It’s evident that there’s surface value to updating home siding. There are intangible reasons to replace your home’s siding, too, such as its long-term financial value.

It’s an Energy-Efficient Renovation

Quality siding adds significant insulation to your home. Effective insulation decreases energy bills, as much less hot or cool air transfers from the interior to exterior of the house. Retaining this air when your home needs it most adds a valuable element of comfort to your home.

Different types of siding offer various degrees of insulation. Be sure to select the siding type that best suits your home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency needs.

Boosts Resale Value

Replacing home siding is an investment that gives back. Return on investment, or ROI, is the worth that renovating or remodeling adds to your home. The percentage is determined by the value added to your home compared to the renovation project’s cost. The ROI for siding is highly considerable, coming in at 80 percent. That means if you invest $10,000 in your siding, your home’s value increases by $8,000. In short, new siding boosts the price tag of your home when it’s time for resale.

Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Attractive siding is a notable aspect to realtors and prospective buyers, broadening the real estate market for your house. Enhance your home’s exterior by upgrading its siding. Regardless of how soon your home will be up for resale, siding’s longevity makes it a solid long-term investment to enrich your home’s appearance.

Reduce Home Maintenance

Another one of the financial reasons to replace your home’s siding is that it reduces future investments in home repairs. New high-grade siding improves your home exterior’s appearance while protecting it from external elements.

Over time, siding gets worn from weather and aging. Replace your siding when you notice cracked or loose panels, mold, holes in panels, or the need for multiple paint jobs within a year. If you let these telltale signs of siding damage go, they can worsen and lead to more costly home repairs.

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