Questions To Ask Your Siding Contractor

Find the right siding contractor for your project

Siding replacement can be a daunting DIY task, which is why it’s best left to the professionals. Whether you’ve decided on a siding contractor or are still looking for one, there are a few inquiries you should keep in mind.

Keystone Siding and Windows explores questions to ask your siding contractor so you can minimize miscommunication and increase the odds of satisfaction with the final product.

What’s the Time Frame?

Home renovation projects can be stressful, especially if you’re working from home. Get an estimate of how long the siding replacement or repair will take before the process begins. Knowing your contractor’s time frame makes it easy to coordinate their needs with your own.

How Will You Protect My Property?

Professional siding companies have protocols to prevent them from damaging your lawn, windows, and deck, and it never hurts to ask about these processes. They’re likely to use protective covers or guards to ensure their materials don’t harm the rest of your exterior.

Are There Any Concerns With the Project?

Nearly every siding contractor has run into unexpected issues during projects. Inquire whether your contractor has any concerns with the insulation, structural integrity, or other siding features.

Your siding contractor should keep you in the loop about any problems they run into. These issues are likely to change their course of action, as they’ll need to fix the issue before proceeding.

What Do You Do If There Is a Change Order?

Change orders allow contractors to accommodate changes made to the original renovation plan. Change orders are entirely common in construction and home projects.

Ask your siding contractor how the change order will affect their work and how they will meet these changes. Questions and confirmations about change orders should always be in writing and are typically stated in the contract.

What Is the Best Way To Reach You?

One of the best questions to ask your siding contractor that surprisingly gets overlooked regards contact information. When it comes to home contractors, you want to have their number on hand should any unexpected faults occur while they’re away.

Most contractors will have a phone number and email address listed on their website. Confirm with the onsite contractor whether this is the best method of communication and whether they have an additional number to provide in case the company line is busy.

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