How New Siding Can Increase Your Home's Value

Make an investment in your home exterior

Replacing your siding is a facet of home renovation that is well worth the investment. New siding can make your entire home look practically brand new and improve its curb appeal.

There are also environmentally-conscious reasons to throw down on new siding that end up saving you cash in the long run. Keystone Siding & Windows has provided a guide to inform you of how new siding can increase your home’s value.

The Perks of Replacement

So, what makes the investment in new siding worthwhile? If you are debating on new siding, consider what makes it such a valuable buy.


Enhancements in siding technology have greatly increased its durability to outdoor elements. Different types of siding offer varying levels of endurance, installation of fiber cement siding serving as the typical choice for both appearance and low-susceptibility to damage.


Curb appeal may sound superficial, but consider it evidence of the improvement of your home’s integrity. Diminish the effects that wear and tear has had on your home with new and affordable siding.

Save Money and Increase Resale Value

Investing in new siding leads to future financial benefits. Quality siding improves home insulation and reduces energy costs. With a stunning curbside appearance, you will attract more buyers come time to resell. You will also be able to increase the original cost of your home due to home renovations like new siding.

When You Should Get New Siding

Although you don’t necessarily need a reason to enhance your home’s exterior, there are some telltale signs that siding replacement is a necessity. These indications of aged siding signal that it is time for a replacement…

  • Cracked, loose, warped, or rotted panels
  • Holes in panels
  • Mold
  • Evidence of moisture inside the home
  • A hike in energy bills
  • Multitude of siding paint jobs within a short number of years

Which Siding To Go With

Once you’ve considered how new siding can increase your home’s value and decided it’s worth the investment, you may be wondering which type of siding will best suit your home. There are pros and cons to all siding types that are important to review prior to making a selection.

From vinyl to fiber cement siding, Keystone Siding & Windows can help determine and offer a siding option that works for your home’s aesthetic and budget. Contact us today to start a home renovation where the perks outweigh the cost.