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Fiber Cement Siding Installation and Repair Services

Not all home exterior siding materials have the same benefits, strength, or durability. Keystone Siding & Windows has found that fiber cement frequently outperforms its wood, metal, and even vinyl counterparts. Learn more about why we use this material and the kinds of results you can expect as a homeowner.  

Comprehensive Damage Resistance

One of the most appealing characteristics of fiber cement is its moisture, rot, mildew, and flame resistance. This non-porous, sturdy, and virtually weather-proof material stands strong against many common sources of damage. Instead of worrying about whether or not your wood, brick, or other siding material will hold up against life’s variables, use fiber cement for year-round protection. You can count on our fiber cement siding installation and repair services to keep warmth inside your home and unwanted water outside of it.  

Wide-Ranging Climate Compatibility  

In certain parts of the country, such as Greater Atlanta, GA, summers tend to be hot and humid, while winters are particularly wet. Some exterior home materials such as metal and wood don’t hold up against prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures or require frequent upkeep if they do. By choosing our residential fiber cement services, you get home siding material with proven performance throughout weather extremes, even in the same location.  

Low Maintenance Material

Since fiber cement siding consists of cellulose fibers, cement, sand, and water, it’s known for its reliably low-maintenance profile. As a firm, composite surface, it easily sloughs off dirt, diverts water, and prevents any accidental fires from finding additional fuel. A garden hose and brush are generally all that’s needed to clean fiber cement in any cases where mud, ice, dirt, or other substances have accumulated.  

Visual Variety

After years of performing various exterior home upgrades for customers throughout Greater Atlanta, GA, we know that no two homes—or client preferences—are alike. That said, Keystone Siding & Windows offers seven different options in our fiber cement siding installation and repair services. From standard HardiePlank for a modern look to cedarmill for more traditional or coastal tastes, we can accommodate anything you’re looking for.

In the event an accident or unforeseen natural forces broke part of your fiber cement siding, Keystone Siding & Windows’ specialists can handle siding replacement. Simply call us—we’ll ask a few questions about the nature of the damage and go from there.  

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